20 January, 2008

Storm Clouds Over Upper Brook Street

Disapointiong really this particular storm did not come to much boo hoo.......

19 January, 2008


I love aquatic wildfoul, pigeons I hate but ducks are great and I am not entirley sure if this beast is a duck, but it certanally looks surreal enough to be one. If you know what kind of bird it is let me know ok........

13 January, 2008

It's a Long Way To Piccadilly

It is pretentious arty and deliberatley badly framed so stick that in yetr pipe and smoke it.

09 January, 2008

Somewhere along the M56 I Think

Twas on the road back from Blackburn on a wet and cold night thankfully I was wearing my Lucky Pants, though the sat nav was about as much use as a chocolate fireguard in non moving traffic.

Moss Side at 20moh

For some strange reason I get a lot of hits for people looking for "Tropical Palm Massage Manchester" on google and other search engines. I would like to point out to these people that I know your ISP and IP address, and is it really something that you want to keep in your browsing history.....

Anyhow the sky was fantastic this morning and my new camera seemed to capture it nicley so I am a happy bunny.

28 December, 2007

Back Street Love in Manchester

If you are looking for love in back streets here then you have come to the right place cause I love it.......................... back streets that is or gimmels as they are called here.

23 December, 2007

Platt Fields Park In December

Tis the end of the year and marked by the death of my old camera, so now that I have a half decent one their may be decent photos apearing here, but that is not really likley, now is it.......