18 March, 2007

Cranes and Ugly Porcelain Dogs 16/3/07

The mentioning of BDSM in a previous post was a slightly sucessfull attept to get a a higher amount of traffic through here for the minimum work. It has been moderatley sucessfull with one visitor actually seraching for BDSM photos visiting my page so far. I hope he was not dissapointed. Anyhow as you can see from above my crane fetish is still healthy and that building is still going on at a surprising rate here near piccadilly.

This fucking ugly monstrosity resides in the Bulls Head on Granby Row and the maker of it deserves punishing cause he was bad.......

15 March, 2007

Greent Things On Trees in Next To Canal Street, 15/03/2007

Guess What it was pissing down with rain when I took this not that it ever pisses down with rain in Manchester. The more observant of you will spot the advertisement for hard drugs here too, this could only happen in Manchester possibly.

Bondage Monkey In Trafford. 10/3/07

God knows who thought that tying up a monkey to the front of a Ford garage would increase sales, animal cruelty is wrong but animal bdsm is totally and utterley and completley wrong. I am not going to buy a Ford in protest at this atrocity.