29 June, 2007

Drink Beer and Smoke Tabs 29/6/2007

My battle with the evil weed is not yet over but we are 2 days away from a ban on smoking in enclosed public places............ The health lobby has one this battle and are being a bunch of smug sancitnonious gits about it well bollocks to them is what I have to say. I am going to maliciously smoke in public places as much as possible till the ban comes in force. I AM GOING TO ENJOY A PINT AND A CIGGIE in a pub for the last time, and am going to thouroghly enjoy impregnating your clothes with the stench of my foul habbit.

A few non smoking freinds have been going on about how great it is but is it?????? THIS IS THE THIN EDGE OF THE WEDGE. How long before we have to use ID cards to buy alcohol and are faced with the indignity of being forced to have a breathaliser before we have a pint. I may be being a bit paranoid here but I don't think so. The powers taht be would be happy if all we did was stay at home log onto the internet and ponce about on social networking sites, what a great way to keep us servile and compliant. So Tonight and Tomorrow night I emplore you to go out and drink tabs and smoke beer even if you don't smoke DO IT, and whilst you are at it have sex with strangers and take illicit drugs too, cuase it is the end of an era and the begining of a new and worrying era.............

24 June, 2007

Geese in Platt Fields Park 24/06/2007

You gotta love the geese in Platt Fields Parl especially when they are hounding young families for bread.

23 June, 2007

Learn To Park and Stop Messing my Planet Up. 23/06/2007

Aaaaahhhh lovley Bramhall a place that likes to think that it is in Cheshire but is not, but still manages to have far too many 4 x 4's. Watching the one in my rear view mirror park was a sight to behold, and the dirty look I got from the driver was also fantastic. Glad that my Punto is dropping house prices a suburb near you. Honestley what does anyone need a 4 x 4 for is beyond me unless you are going off road it is pretty pointless, apart from helping eleviate your own insecurities.

14 June, 2007

Sackville Street Railway Arch 14/07/2007

You have tae tip yer head to the right tae get the proper perspective cause I am in a lazy mood today I can't be bothered doing it myself. Right then I an off to listen to some fantastically dark prog rock stuff that makes your granny wet herself.

13 June, 2007

Garden Pests Avoiding a Drowning 13/7/07

I am not overly keen on snails and general slimy things and as I only garden with a broom then this act of climbing the wall to avoid being drowned by the rain was only a stay of execution for these blighters. I am off to get slug pellets or a bucket full of slops from the pub so they can die happy. OOOOHHH isn't that cruel I hear you cry well I suppose it could be but considering the number of these blighters in my back yard alone they are hardly an endangered species, and I don't want my daughter sticking them in her mouth either.

12 June, 2007

Chinatown 12/06/07

Fantastically atmospheric panoramic nonsense outside the Pacific near Long legs complete with slate grey sky and old people milling around, pass me my AK please.

10 June, 2007

Crappy Storm 10/06/2007

What a bloody disapointment that storm was last night a lot of promise but no fizzle boo hiss. I even cursed god to strike me dowm from the steps this was taken from. Our one solitary customer in the beer garden was happily looking forward to the event too only to have disapointment snapped from the jaws of disallusionment (I can't be arsed spelling proper today).
On another note some nonce is posting pictures of us working in the pub on facebook, I can't find him there but if anyone knows the url could you let us know so that we can send the boys round to sort him out.
"ooohhh where are we going, to the indian ocean?"
"Something like that flipper, ever heard of lambeth bridge?" ------ Boot

08 June, 2007

Paranoid Delusions in M14..... 08/07/2007

The view through the peephole in my door this morning, next I'll be getting a chain hah hah hah. Something about listening to Prince Far I suits the tropical mood of Manchester today. Playing Reggae in the pub seems to have a chilling effect on the customers which is always a good thing.

07 June, 2007

Industrial Abstraction 07/07/2007

I really don't like the first photo here today it was supposed to be a statement about crossing the line but it does not work in the way I wanted it too, but I posted it anyway for your delictation.
The second photo is another matter cause I like the texture and I had no big art statement to make I just liked it.

05 June, 2007

Mechanical Hand of Death on Hatersage Road. 5/7/2007

Was alsothinking about the title best jobs in the world #674, cause we all know that demolishing buildings with a mechanical claw would be a fantastic job. Blowing them up is cool too but destroying things with a huge mechanical claw is far cooler. The new building there is the awful student flats opposite Whitworth park which if you saw the way it was constructed then you would not want to live in it, basically it is prefabricated boxes stacked on top of each other. Soulless boxes for souless people with too much money to spend.

The huge mechanical claw started being really impressive when I boarded the bus here and I looked out of teh back window with awe and a tinge of sadness as I wanted a shot on it.

04 June, 2007

Global Warming In Manchester, 4/7/2007

There is far too much of this sort of sky over Manchester these days, the bloody tourists will not know where they are if it continues then lord alone knows what will happen. It is not right I tell you and i never got to go for a pint at lunchtime which makes things even worse.
I am not sure what I was trying to acheive with this shot on Granby row and I don't care either it sort of works and that is good enough for me matey boy or girl.