26 June, 2006

New Bridge at Piccadilly Place 26/07/06

The folks at Piccadilly place have gotten this bridge up rather rapidly, and they want the public to send in suggestions for its name. I personally think that this is a good idea and we should buck the trend of calling bridges inspiring but unorigonal names to using original yet uninspiring names. I am bored with millennium bridges and Brunell bridges and god forbid if anyone decides to call it the Sir Alex Ferguson Bridge. My suggestion for it's name is simple lets call it Pepe for two reasons:-

1. I do not know of any bridges named Pepe anywhere in the world.
2. It will be named after an imaginary dog that we kept in the kitchen of a Mexican restaurant I once worked in.

We need more bridges named after imaginary dogs...........................

today's recommended piece of Sloveninan Art Terrosim to improve your record collection is Liabach -
Let It Be