15 March, 2006

Dumbfounded, 15/03/06

This notice outside an office has left me speechless. The non-smoking lobby in this country has won and yet they are still moaning. Banning smoking in pubs will result in the closure of up to 10% of pubs in the UK according to licensed industry figures, yeah I know it was going to happen but how about phasing in such a dramatic change. No that is not the way our so called labor government operates, a friend of mine said the other days that politicians are like nappies and need changed regulary. A sentiment that I wholeheartedly agree with. I am an ex-smoker and suffer from quite severe asthma, yet I do not get distressed by watching people smoke, and I have not turned into a humorless swine.

10 March, 2006

Justice and Constitutional Affairs

This rather stunning building on the Salford / Manchester border will have something to do with Justice and Constitutional affairs, kinda ironic that something with such an Orwellian title is opposite the Peoples History museum (Which is a fantastic place detailing the struggle of the working man against the man).


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09 March, 2006

Kwick Save, Rusholme, 09/03/06

Kwick Save is being closed, so no more chap baked beans for me and many others, and I will miss this branch in Rusholme. It is quite frankly awful, but awful with a certain charm about it. Apparentley acording to local gossip this will be replaced by a clothes shop, curry house, pub, yuppie flats, or as I have been claiming a duck pond. Infact I am going to petition Manchester City Council for a duck pond....

More Photos of My Favorite Ducks

Don't worry this blog is not becoming a daily-duck-blog as I don't have the time to do it, not because it may be a bad idea.
The ducks were being terribly photogenic this morning so I had to take shots of them!!!!!
Some suit even chortled at me for shooting them, but not in a bad way,as I suspect that he too has a liking for these three young ducks, and who can blame him.

08 March, 2006


I have stated many times before to anyone who would listen that you can't have too many pictures of ducks. Especially these three that live along Deansgate locks, who I have adopted. Even for ducks they seem remarkably stupid, and unworried about bird flu. Apart from the bird flu, living outside, and eating crap I am really envious of them, ducks have a much better life than humans.

Piccadilly Gardens 08/09/06

10 years ago Piccadilly Gardens was old fashioned but still a nice place to visit, today it is a hideous monstrosity, as is highlighted by this sculpture of a tree. What is wrong with a real fucking tree I ask you? It would have been nicer and cheaper than this hideous carbuncle. I have nothing against modern sculpture being used to brighten up our cities, the stuff of the quayside in Newcastle Upon Tyne is a good example of what can be done, but this is just shite. Whoever commissioned and paid for this needs shooting as does the artist who conceived it....

06 March, 2006

Deansgate Locks / Castle Field Basin, 06/02/06

Monday the 6th of Febuary 2006 was the single most emotionally traumatic day of my life so far, thankfully it all worked out ok in the end. Little did I know what the day would bring as I was taking this photograph which I love, because it sort of represents the clam before a storm. I also now owe the big fella in the sky a massive favour, which is a pretty uncomfortable place for an agnostic to be in, but thanks big man.

A HUGE thank you

Thank you to the two ladies who let me jump ahead of them at the Piccadilly taxi rank this morning at 10 am, I am indebted to both of you. If you read this then thank you and everything is ok, your kindness and generosity was fantastic.
THANK YOU!!!!!!!!

04 March, 2006

Archimedes Indulging In Light Bondage, 03/03/06

This statue of Archimedes jumping out of the bath is subject to regular abuse, most of it rather dull and boring. However whoever thought of blindfolding and gagging him is a genus. Below is more evidence that it is not yet spring.....

02 March, 2006

Falkner Street and Spring Gardens, 03/03/06

A building on Falkner Street that is in the midsts of demolition and good riddance to it. I would be happy if every building on that street was torn down and replaced with a park some donkeys and a duck pond. Below my crane fetish is taking a worrysome turn but it does not harm anyone so I am willing to let it continue.

In the Court of the Crimson King by King Crimson is todays recomended legandary prog rock masterpeice.

Rusholme in The Snedge, 01/03/06

Only in the UK would you have a conservative MP arguing about the official start of spring, when we all know that the Met Office is completely useless, and that there is no such thing as spring here. You just get a slightly warmer and slightly less wet version of winter. I am surprised that he isn't ranting about how it is all political correctness gone mad though as conservatives have a habit of doing these days.

01 March, 2006

New Market, 01/03/06

Turning the corner from Cross Street up New Market I had an boompf moment when I was struck by this view. The contrast of the three buildings from different eras is quite startling especially for one looking at this city with new found eyes. Though I do think it could be improved with a few well positioned ducks or a donkey.

The Ducks of Albion Mill Lock on Deansgate Locks, 28/02/06

I have grown quite found of this group of three young ducks, as I pass them twice a day on the way to and from work. They sort of make the whole journey more palatable especially when I have don a shift ion the pub the night before. I hope that they don't get duck flu but and confident that our government is right in that Bird Flu coming to the UK is not inevitable. After all they have a fantastic record with being right about so many other things like Foot and Mouth, Iraq's WMD's and Dr David Kelly's "suicide", I am personally brimming with confidence.

I am personally of the opinion that you can never have too many photo's of Ducks or Donkeys for that matter, and anyone who has the pleasure to be served by me in my pub will be told everything I know about how great Ducks and Donkeys are, which is a disturbing amount.