31 May, 2007

First Thundersorn Of The Summer 31/5/07

A bit earlier than last years one which bodes well for a summer filled with thundery weather, well actually 2 days earlier but still it was a good un. I wholeheartedly appologise for the crappyness of the photo I chose I was out in the storm and forgot to take my camera. I did get thoroughly soaked on a trip to Aimee's Hardware store in Rusholme which as ever was a fantastic cleansing experience.
Another significant thing is taht I bought a rain stick yesterday so I suspect that yours truly had something to do with the storm, my supernatural shamanistic thai-chee powers are not to be trifled with.
Oh the photo is of a part of my new back yard, fantastic it is too with ants and everything apart from flowers and plants I garden with a broom.
Fimally thanks to mr GE who has plugged me as being rather spasmodic (even though I prefer the trem rather spasmodic and irreverand) on his around the world site, thanks I appreciate anything the increases the volume of traffic through my site. (don't forget to click on teh ads I need a new camera)

Apocalytic and Doom Laden Back Street in M14, 31/5/2007

If i could be bothered to do a better job of the image manipulation then it would look a lot more doom laden and apocalyptic but I can't...... any death metal bands who want me to design album covers for them are welcome to contact me with large sums of cash.

28 May, 2007

Farwell To Thorn Court, Salford. 28/05/07

Can't say how happy I am to be away from this place and back in M14, but it was an experience living in a tower block and not one that I'd happily go through again. Though it is much better than living in a bedsit and the view was fantastic, but onwards and downwards I go. Oh and if the numbtae who complained to the residents asscoiation about me using two lifts to flit reads this, then you can go and boil yer heed ye big ponce, cause We maliciously continued to use both lifts after you complained. ha ha ha